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Gain agility and improve your performance by automating the documentation and management of your entry invoices, Digital Invoices (NF-e), and Digital Transportation Services Invoices (CT-e) in your ERP SAP®.

APS NF-i (Interstate Operation Invoice) offers the best solution to manage and document your Digital Invoices (NF-e) and Digital Transportation Services Invoices (CT-e). Fast and uncomplicated to implement, it is easy to use and fully integrated into
your SAP® environment. After the automatic receiving of XML files, it automates MIGO, MIRO, J1B1N, ME21N, and other transaction entries in a standardized way or even integrates them with custom transactions.

With customized functionalities, it is remarkably flexible and adapts to the customer’s enterprise and needs. APS NF-I allows specific validation rules for each scenario, custom e-mail alerts about errors at any step of the process, verification of the XML’s signature and status before carrying out the entries, as well as other functionalities. APS NF-i also reads your e-mail inbox to identify other XMLs, such as letters of correction and cancellation.

Automate your bookkeeping entries with APS NF-i and focus on what really matters: your business.

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