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The Import Content Sheet (FCI) was conceived in 2012. The Federal Senate’s Resolution No. 13 reduced the ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Provision of Interstate and Intermunicipal Transport and Communication Services) rate for interstate operations with imported products to 4%.

The FCI rate applies to goods and merchandise not submitted to industrialization or transformation processes and to products with an import content ratio higher than 40%.

According to Resolution No. 13, the interstate tax rates for imported goods and products that do not have a corresponding national option vary from 7 to 12%. Those rates also apply to goods made through basic production processes, operations to send imported natural gas to different states, and PADIS/PATVD (Support Program for the Technological Development of the Semiconductor Industry / Support Program for the Technological Development of the Digital TV Equipment Industry).

  • Elimination of tax risk for the incorrect fulfillment of the FCI obligation

  • Process integrally generated in SAP®.

  • Provision of managerial views aimed at making strategic decisions

  • Invoice adjustment

  • Cockpit

  • Reduction in the need for working capital

  • Tax burden reduction

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